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    • Onsite Fire Fighting
      We provide full onsite fire fighting facilities.
    • Onsite Fire Fighting
      We provide full onsite fire fighting facilities.
    • 360 Degree Simulator
      Our DNV class "A" full mission bridge simulator.
    • State-of-the-art Engine Room Simulator
      2016 Full Mission engine simulation featuring 4 propulsion systems in 6 separate spaces using touch screen displays
    • Modeling & Research
      Our M&R department can build geographic databases and ship response models in-house.
    • SIGTTO Certified LNG Training
      We offer USCG approved, STCW compliant Tankship PIC Liquefied Gases and LNG Simulator training.
    • DP training
      We offer Nautical Institute approved Basic (induction), Simulator (Advanced) & Revalidation DP training
    • DP-Equipped Cable Ship
    • 270 Degree Simulator
      Our second full mission bridge simulator offers 270 degree field-of-view
    • Specialized Training
      Call us to discuss tailored training.
    • Small Arms Training
      We offer a full range of classes required of officers sailing with Military Sealift Command including Small Arms (with Broward College).
    • Vessel Resource Management
      We offer integrated training for deck and engine officers using our full mission simulators.
    • Fast Rescue Boat
      We offer both 8m twin diesel jet and 8m twin outboard Fast Rescue Boats.
    • Survival Craft (Lifeboat)
      Full STCW compliant Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboat) training is available.
    • Conference Facilities
      We offer in-house conference facilities for ~150 catered by our in-house galley staff.

Vessel Security Officer

UPDATED VSO Information

STCW and USCG CFR regulations now require all personnel to have a security endorsement on their credential commensurate with their respective duties onboard as of 1/1/2014

The 3 levels of endorsement are as follows:

  • Vessel Security Officer (VSO)- 46CFR 11.337, STCW Reg VI/5- Required for those assigned and designated as the vessel security officer.
  • Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD)-46 CFR 12.625, STCW VI/6-Required for anyone with a specific security onboard
  • Security Awareness (SA)-46 CFR 12.627, STCW VI/6- Required of all personnel with no security duties onboard.

These endorsements are hierarchical with VSO as the highest level. Per USCG someone endorsed as VSO is also endorsed as VPDSD and SA.

All officers (deck and engine) generally have specific security duties Vessel Security Plan and related procedures. As a result AMO contracted companies will require officers to have a VPDSD endorsement on their MMC in order to be assigned onboard. STAR Center's Vessel Security Officer Course meets all requirements for VSO and VPDSD endorsements.

See STAR Center's Course schedule for VSO course dates.

USCG NMC checklists for each security endorsement provide additional information.

Retroactive VSO Course Approval Information

STAR Center is pleased to announce that we have received retroactive United States Coast Guard (USCG) approval and STCW 95 compliance for our Vessel (Ship) and Company Security Officer course for all students who have taken our course since 1 January 2003. Please click here to download the approval. The letter from DNV gives approval from 2003 to 31 May 2005.

The USCG website shows our current course approval. Click here for the appropriate section of the USCG Website, type "vessel..." from the drop-down list and then click on "STAR Center".

Please submit any questions or concerns you may have to us through our Contact page