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    • Onsite Fire Fighting
      We provide full onsite fire fighting facilities.
    • Onsite Fire Fighting
      We provide full onsite fire fighting facilities.
    • 360 Degree Simulator
      Our DNV class "A" full mission bridge simulator.
    • State-of-the-art Engine Room Simulator
      2016 Full Mission engine simulation featuring 4 propulsion systems in 6 separate spaces using touch screen displays
    • Modeling & Research
      Our M&R department can build geographic databases and ship response models in-house.
    • SIGTTO Certified LNG Training
      We offer USCG approved, STCW compliant Tankship PIC Liquefied Gases and LNG Simulator training.
    • DP training
      We offer Nautical Institute approved Basic (induction), Simulator (Advanced) & Revalidation DP training
    • DP-Equipped Cable Ship
    • 270 Degree Simulator
      Our second full mission bridge simulator offers 270 degree field-of-view
    • Specialized Training
      Call us to discuss tailored training.
    • Small Arms Training
      We offer a full range of classes required of officers sailing with Military Sealift Command including Small Arms (with Broward College).
    • Vessel Resource Management
      We offer integrated training for deck and engine officers using our full mission simulators.
    • Fast Rescue Boat
      We offer both 8m twin diesel jet and 8m twin outboard Fast Rescue Boats.
    • Survival Craft (Lifeboat)
      Full STCW compliant Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboat) training is available.
    • Conference Facilities
      We offer in-house conference facilities for ~150 catered by our in-house galley staff.

OICEW Information

Dear Student:

Below is a table showing the upcoming class dates for our USCG approved, STCW compliant Officer In Charge of an Engineering Watch (OICEW) training courses IAW 46 CFR 11.329.  Please note there are requirements for additional task assessment signoffs required per NVIC 17-14 which are not included in these required courses (see attached list of assessment requirements and breakdown). These additional task assessments may be completed onboard by a USCG qualified assessor or in other additional STAR courses as noted.

Our OICEW classes are primarily scheduled to meet the needs of our 2-year Third Engineer Apprentice program, and some classes you may require are scheduled over their different shore phases, making the schedule for you appear disjointed.  Where possible, we are working to streamline them into consecutive groups, but in the meantime, these are the classes you need.

The following classes are broken into sections and MUST be completed in order to receive full USCG credit:  Auxiliary Machinery (AUX) 1, 2 and 3, Electrical Machinery and Basic Electronics (EMBE) 1, 2 and 3, Control Systems/Instrumentation 1 & 2. Otherwise  courses can be taken in any order that meets your schedule and our availability.

Our Student Services team will be pleased to work with you to insure that you are kept fully informed of availability.  They can be reached at (954) 920 3222 Ext. 201 or by email at register@star-center.com.

Our OICEW schedule is under revision. Please check back here for a link to new dates when available

"OICEW Regulatory 46 CFR 11.329 Required Training and Assessments (motor endorsement only)

Required Training Courses -  STAR includes the following task assessments from NVIC 17-14 as amended in the required class noted.

  • Engine resource management (ERM) (STRCTR-188)- 1 week- Tasks:  1.4, 15.1.A, 16.1.A, 16.2.A, 16.3.A 16.4.A
  • Engineering terminology and shipboard operations (STRCTR-825)- 2 weeks- Tasks: no tasks
  • Auxiliary machinery (STRCTR-862)- 5 weeks total-  Aux 1 (1wk), Aux 2 (2wks), Aux 3 (2 wks) Tasks: 4.1.A
  • Motor plants (STRCTR-734)- 4 weeks- Tasks: 4.2.C, 4.3.A, 4.3.C, 4.3.F, 4.3.I, 4.3.M, 4.3.N, 4.3.O, 4.3.P, 4.3.Q, 4.3.R, 4.3.S, 5.1.A, 5.2.A, 5.2.B, 5.2.C, 5.2.D, 5.2.E, 5.3.A, 6.1.B, 6.1.D, 7.5.B, 8.3.A, 10.1.A, 10.1.B
  • Electrical machinery and basic electronics (STRCTR-861)- 4 weeks total-  EMBE 1 (1wk), EMBE 2 (1wk), EMBE 3 (3wks) Tasks: 6.1.A, 6.1.B, 6.1.C, 6.1.D, 6.2.A, 7.1.A, 7.2.A, 7.2.B, 7.3.A, 7.4.A
  • Control systems (STRCTR-230)- 4 weeks total- Controls 1 (2 wks), Controls 2 (2wks) Tasks: 6.1.E, 6.3.A, 7.5.A, 7.5.B, 7.5.C
  • Medical Care Provider (STRCTR-310)- 1 week (Task 14.1.A)
  • Basic/Advanced Fire Fighting Course within 5 years date  (STRCTR-125)- 1 week- Task: 12.1.A
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft (Cannot be PSC Limited) (STRCTR-372)- 1 week- Task:  13.1.A
  • Valid Basic Training (if not previously taken) (STRCTR-65)- 1 week- Task:  17.1.A)

Additional OICEW NVIC 17-14 Required Task Assessments (not included in the above training courses) MOTOR Only:  The listed tasks below can be completed in the course noted or can be completed onboard by a USCG Qualified Assessor.

  • Machine Shop (STRCTR-848)- 2 weeks- Task: 8.1.A.
  • Welding (STRCTR-551)- 2 weeks- Tasks: 8.1.B, 8.1.C.
  • Maintenance and Repair (STRCTR-835)- 4 weeks – Tasks: 8.2.A, 8.2.B, 8.2.C, 8.2.D, 9.1.A, 9.1.B, 9.1.C.
  • Naval Arch/Damage Control  (STRCTR-864)- 1 week- Tasks: 11.1.A, 11.2.A, 11.3.A, 11.4.A.
  • Refrigeration (STRCTR-426)– 1 week- Tasks: 4.3.T, 4.3.U, 4.3.V.
  • Watchkeeping (STRCTR-723)-2 weeks- Tasks: 1.1.A, 1.1.B, 1.1.E, 1.1.F, 1.2.A, 1.3.A, 1.3.B, 1.3.C, 1.3.D, 3.1.A, 4.2.A