TECH Program - Phases of Training

Selected candidates will follow the curriculum path below:

  • Phase 1 - Induction at the SHLSS and completion of 13 weeks of Unlicensed Apprentice training.

  • Phase 2 - The second phase of Unlicensed Apprentice training will be completed at sea in the engineering department of a ship officered and crewed by AMO and SIU personnel. During that 90 day sea period, the candidate will complete the first sea project under supervision of onboard licensed engineers. The sea project will be sent to STAR Center for evaluation.

  • Phase 3 -Upon satisfactory completion of the first sea project, the candidate will return to SHLSS to complete 7 weeks of wiper training before returning to sea as an Apprentice Engineer.

  • Phase 4 - During a 125 day tour at sea, the candidate will work and learn as an Apprentice Engineer and complete Sea Project #2

  • Phase 5 - Consists of 4 Weeks of training at SHLSS to complete the requirements for USCG rating as Oiler

  • Phase 6 - 125 days at sea as Oiler/Apprentice Engineer and completion of Sea Project #3

  • Phase 7 - Return to SHLSS for 11 additional weeks of training to include courses from the Junior Engineer program.

  • Phase 8 - 125 days at sea sailing as an Apprentice Engineer and completion of Sea Project #4

  • Phase 9 - The candidate will now transition to STAR Center to complete the final phase of the program consisting of 16 weeks of Engineer Officer Training.

At the end of the 9 phases, the candidate will be approved by the USCG to take the USCG 3 A/E Engineer Motor exam. The candidate will then prepare for and complete the USCG engineer officer exam while at STAR Center.